Sun and Fog


  • Visibility: 0 Miles this morning, the fog horn was going off for a good portion of the morning but I am getting a very clear and beautiful sunset now
  • Wind:  10-15 SW which went up and down slightly throughout the day but around 10ish knots
  • Sky: thick fog for a bit and then it cleared right up in the afternoon
  • Water: pretty flat


  • Quite a few ecotours came by today


  • The unspecified birds are still around and I have determined them to be black turnstones, however it is weird to see such a high number of them at once so it is possible there are some other species of surfbird mixed in there too


  • Had some power issues today, hopefully get everything fixed tomorrow and the dryer won’t die on me halfway through drying my laundry

Lazy Day


  • Visibility: 15 Miles
  • Wind:  10-15 SW
  • Sky: overcast some rain
  • Water: pretty flat throughout the day


  • A few ecotours came by today


  • Definitely more sea lions everyday plus that one female elephant seal that is sticking around


  • Puttered around today, almost have a full water tank again, and enjoyed taking photos of the frequently napping sea lions
  • Now that there is more cloud cover the solar panels aren’t bringing in a lot of energy so I do need to run the generator to run the desalinator

Foggy Day


  • Visibility: 10 Miles sometimes less throughout the day
  • Wind:  10-15 SW sometimes a bit lighter sometimes a bit stronger
  • Sky: Cloudy this morning for a bit and then foggy for awhile, cleared up in the afternoon now you can see some blue sky and sunshine
  • Water: mostly flat a little choppy


  • Had a special visit at 6:30 this morning, the Parliament Secretary to the Prime Minister of Canada and Minister of Youth dropped by for a quick visit


  • Have to update my census, I saw an elephant seal this morning, a young female
  • the unspecified birds in the photo from yesterday are a type of gull that I still have not identified
  • There appears to be more sea lions everyday

Census Day


  • Visibility: Started off at 10 miles but closed in to the point the fog horn was going off for a good part of the morning and then a sunny break this afternoon and back to pretty cloudy now
  • Wind:  10-15 W this morning picked up to above 30, same direction
  • Sky: pretty cloudy with a little break in the afternoon
  • Water: pretty flat but the current is very visible and moving


  • A few ecotours today


  • plenty of sea lions, not really seeing elephant seals, also there was about 26 of these birds I will post a picture of but I wasn’t what bird it was, will look into it.


  • Stellar Sea Lions: 176
  • California Sea Lions: 153
  • Elephant Seals: 0
  • Harbour Seals: 24
  • Unspecified Gulls: 212
  • Pigeon Guillemots: 0
  • Cormorants: 18
  • Canada Geese: 8
  • Oystercatchers: 8
  • Harlequinn Ducks: 0
  • Crows: 0
  • Unspecified bird: 26


  • Have not spotted the river otters again
  • Sea lions refused to budge when I went to get the water sample, I gave up and found a way around the one that would not move
  • They somehow dragged a ladder down the jetty so I had a tough time retrieving that because the ladder was attached to a rope that got wrapped around a rock, I managed to bring it up behind the boat shed, also the boat shed door looks to be in pretty rough shape the sea lions are always piled up against it

Sept 3, 4, 5 and 6th

I am back on Race Rocks and am very happy to be here, I had some log in trouble so this post will be for the past few days.


On the third it was nice and sunny with little breeze, it was so nice I could run the desalinator without the generator. Started getting cloudy the next couple days and this morning the fog horn went off for a few minutes.


I will be doing the census tomorrow but so far the number of sea lions seem to be growing, I have not seen any elephant seals, the harbour seal are right in there with the sea lions and I saw a river otter or two running around last night.


Plenty of whale watchers coming around everyday, a couple sailboats and other than that the DnD seem to be blasting consistently which the sea lions aren’t too happy about.

That sums up my first few days back, I will be doing the census tomorrow and here are a few pictures from the last couple days.

Census August 31st

The island has began a shift in population recently, with the adolescent gulls beginning to take flight and hunting on their own the population itself seems to be thinning out. We have some new visitors out this way with some canadian geese calling race rocks there home or maybe just a short term vacation spot. Lately the #’s of sea lions have been increasing steadily in the previous week, with the lions taking advantage of the grassy sections farther inland from the rocky coast.

Stellar Sea Lions – 175

Californian Sea Lions- 73

Elephant Seals- 3

200 Gulls

50 Adolescent gulls

30 Canadian Geese

20 Oyster Catchers

New keeper amongst old visitors

Current tenants on race rocks include stellar sea lions, harbour seals mostly on the rocky coastline as well as our well represented group of californian sea lions up from the south, Enjoying some Canadian hospitality. Weather conditions around the lighthouse have been anything from consistent ranging from dense fog and prevailing winds to calm swells and sunshine. As always loads of marine traffic from both sides of the coast, bigger vessels from the states are all braving the heavy currents to catch a glimpse of the wide variety of sea life we are currently housing. Most importantly the Elephant seals are really taking advantage of the well maintained landscape as they always find a nice place to snooze and are very reluctant to give it up to any competing deep sleeper. Shifting to the upcoming weather forecast, Predictably the strong wind warning will relinquish late this evening with wind conditions improving to 10-20 the rest of the week.

Dan over and out

August 17th Census

Sea Lions in the vicinity of the lighthouse are in the 200 range mostly on the outer islands with some still around the jetty.

3 Elephant seals have been spotted with a smaller pup and 2 larger specimens

The Gulls have thinned out a bit recently, still giving flying lessons to their offspring.

around 400 gulls various varieties and about 150 adolescent still taking flying lessons around the island.

I spotted 3 or 4 oyster catchers working the rocks as of late

No predatory birds or whales of any kind spotted in the reserve

Foggy week and dead gull chicks


These first days of August were pretty foggy:Everyday the fog was around Race Rocks from 3:00 AM to 9-10 AM and for the 2 last days it was all day long. One day was warm but the others not so much because of the wind. On the 6th the fog around the rock  was just like a thick wall…


No more Elephant Seals and slowly the Sea lions are coming back .We saw the first one on the jetty and 2 big stellers on middle were pretty noisy like usual.The 3 last days many dead gull chicks around and gulls are really aggressive (they attack you)…I saw an amazing show:2 eagles and 4 vultures hunting the chicks together (the 2 eagles going to a dive and the vultures staying at the same level in the air). Many pigeons guillemots . 2 beautiful and big cormorants spend a full day on the same rock. and 2 times we had orcas in Race Passage around 11:00 AM followed by so many boats!The second time some were almost on them (10 to 30 meters) …disgusting!


The sea water pump has been repaired and is working well now. Cleaning days before the shift.


Shift over done on the  6th in the afternoon. James got a full tour of the rock and has been introduced.